What Do Our Users Think Of Expertise.tv

It is our priority to have a deep understanding of what our users experience, what they need, what they value and their business goals and objectives. We aim to ensure that everything we produce the will make their journey to success as easy as possible.

So we picked out a handful of coaches on expertise.tv to hear about their experience so far, the good and the bad.

We do find it important to share this with everyone, in case anyone’s relates to their experiences.


We have separated this to user experience our platform, workshops, and services.


Workshop: The Toothbrush Challenge

The mission is to get your online coaching business off the ground by making sure that you have all the parts of your vessel properly assembled.

Coach: Donna DeNomme



Service: Facebook Ad Set-Up & Management (Ad Creation + 3 Month Management)

Coach: Caroline Silk

Q: Do you feel this service helped grow your coaching business? If yes, how? If no, how?

A: I believe this service did help me grow my coaching business. I now have an extra 19 people in my community that were not there before. I am now in a position to strengthen my relationship with them, through email, newsletters, offers etc.

Q: Do you feel better equipped to run Facebook Campaigns?

A: With the data, feedback and the report that Expertise TV gave me I am certainly more equipped to run Facebook campaigns. I still however feel that we are yet to nail my niche with the targeting, but this campaign certainly helped.

Q: How satisfied are you with the overall service?

A: I’m thrilled with Expertise TV service. They offered me this campaign as a result of a previous one we’d done together that proved unsuccessful. They did all the work for me, creative, targeting, placement, monitoring and final reporting. I know that by using the information they’ve gathered this far that we can only improve.


Platform Usability: Centered around e-mail tool

This list includes new coaches with little to no online coaching experience and highly experienced online coaches who have extensive familiarity with other webinar and/or coaching platforms.

The clients were asked to follow a timeline with fixated step in order to have the full experience of a successful webinar with Expertise.tv:

Caroline Silk: Mindset Nutritionist (see transcript)


Janet Kennedy: Podcast host and social media Coach – Get Social Health Podcast (see transcript)


Toya D. Wilson-Smith: Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Next Generation Digital Marketing Agency Inc (see transcript)

Richard Griffith: Psychologist and corporate trainer – Director 3Q Institute (see transcript)

Susanna Statton: Leadership & Effectiveness coach (see transcript)

Steve Sapato: Speaker & Trainer on Life Achievements (see transcript)

Jackie Arnold: ICF Executive Coach and Dip CSA Supervisor (see transcript)

Leena Sowambur: Expert In Digital Music Business – Positively Music (see transcript)

Edie Summers: Wellness Coach, Author, Consultant (see transcript)

Dr. Martina Carroll-Garrison: Executive Leadership Coach, Speaker, Corporate Trainer

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