Three Exciting Features On That Will Boost Your Coaching Business

Launching your online business just got better!

We have packed with exciting new updates to help make your journey to success seamless and efficient.

So what’s new?


1. You can add extra communities to your account

Just go to Your Communities > Add Community > Add New Community.

With this feature you can segregate your paying clients from your leads or even create membership sites!


2. Hidden community posts

The hidden community post feature allows you to create exclusive content for specific groups in your community. Only those with the link to the post will be able to view the content posted.


3. Package Auto-Email 

You can now create an auto e-mail to go out immediately after someone purchased a package from you. This can include the content they purchased.

Need any help getting set up? Book in for a call with one of our business strategists here.

Author: Helina Hein

Online marketing expert. I help online entrepreneurs build their product & audience.

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