Struggling to Think Of A Topic For Your Webinar?

Struggling to think of a topic? You’re not alone. The added pressure of having to conduct a webinar can cause what you would think the easiest thing to do into a painstaking task.

I’m sure you’ve thought of, what if no one shows up?! It is a possibility, but ensuring you pick a relevant problem people are struggling with currently is the biggest trick.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to talk to someone, more often than not that’s not an option. Try some of our suggested methods below to try and identify what these common problems your target market is going through:

  • Reading news articles and blog articles online
  • Utilising question websites such as Quora, Reddit and even to an extent LinkedIn Groups to identify problem areas
  • Anything you’re struggling with – as oftentimes other people are struggling with the same thing!
  • Any new tool or updates that have come out you think people might be finding difficult to grasp
  • Conducting surveys of your target market
  • An obviously speaking with your target market directly

From such topics, hopefully you will begin to see a trend in questions/concerns people are talking about. Creating a webinar topic around this will enable you to guarantee it is a topic in demand and one that attendees will be willing to come to (as opposed to just picking a topic you are familiar with).

As I mentioned earlier, the best ways to identify real-time problems is by speaking with your target audience (not necessarily clients) and see what they may be struggling with.

If you’re still struggling with finding a topic, try talking to anyone and get them to ask you questions and draw out your ideas into a more clearly identifyiable problem.

Here is a list of questions we have identified to hopefully draw out some more problems you can focus webinars on. We like to call these our creative catalysts because sometimes it only takes one question to spark a long list of potential directions you can go!

The Best

These are the questions you should focus on for your topic creation. Write down a list of all the answers.

  • What is the most common problem you see with your clients?
  • What are the 3 most asked question you receive from clients?
  • What is going to change the landscape of your area of expertise this month/year/decade? (Do your clients know about this?!)

The Good

If you are still struggling to think of good ideas, try the questions below, they might trigger some different ideas.


  • What are your biggest strengths you offer clients as part of your service?
  • Is there anything new that has come out recently people struggle with?
  • Why is ___________ like it is? I don’t get it! (explain it for them)
  • How can you improve my weaknesses with your strengths
  • What is the most misunderstood piece of advice that you are capable in?
  • What lies are people told everyday that are having a detrimental impact to their careers/lives?
  • Are there perceived strengths that are actually weaknesses?
  • Why are they not getting any results to their problems?
  • What’s preventing your clients from improving?
  • Do you offer something controversial you believe in wholeheartedly that goes against what everyone else says/believes?

Have you found a topic for your webinar yet? Great.

You will then need to formulate it into a catchy headline.

Author: Michael

Michael’s our video and marketing guru. He will share insights on how to improve your video production quality and engage with your clients and mentees more via video.