Get The Most Out Of Your List

No matter if you have a list of 100,000 or 100 people, the same principle of nurture & engagement should be applied. It is by nurturing and generating engagement from our list that we warm up our leads and unlock its full potential. Sending through relevant content on a regular basis, as well as invitations to interact is a key part of this. In this […]

Awkward silences in your webinars?

We all have awkward moments. It’s as though you’ve told a joke to a room full of people, and it falls flat… The room is deathly quiet – your audience looks unimpressed. You choke. A bead of sweat trickles down your brow, someone at the back of the room coughs, a cricket chirps. Was that a tumbleweed? Presenting webinars may not be stand-up but that doesn’t […]

The Magic Of The Free Coaching Session

The free coaching call. -One of the most widespread tricks in the book. They are offered to leads in an effort to convert them to paying clients. These sessions are often advertised as “Free discovery calls” or “Exploration calls” or something along those lines. The thought behind this tactic is that if your leads get to speak with you 1on1, and get to see firsthand […]

All you need to know about creating an online coaching course!

One of the best ways to offer your coaching services is by creating a course. But we understand that it can be overwhelming knowing where to get started with this. Did you know that the public community page takes the hassle out of creating courses on Not only can use the feature to engage with your community publicly, but you can also create packages […]

How To Make Your First Course A Great One

The online learning industry has seen astounding growth over the last few years, having surpassed the $100 billion per year value mark a few years back and showing no signs of declining. This can be attributed largely to the arrival of new online platforms, such as our own, that has made the process of creating and selling content easier than ever. In this article, I […]

How Donna DeNomme successfully launched on

Knowing where to get started with launching your online coaching business may seem daunting. And yes, the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day” applies here – but if you are completing the key milestones below, you are on track to launching a successful online coaching business! We also spoke to Donna DeNomme, a Colorado-based coach who specializes in healing, “life enrichment and spiritual development”. Donna has done a […]

How to deliver an awesome client experience

Solving problems is key to creating an awesome client experience for your audience members. We have several ways you can prove yourself as the knowledgeable coach that you are! So how do you show your clients that you’re able to solve their problems? Head to the Monetize Your Expertise page on the platform – here you have the option to create courses and attach content. You […]