Nurturing Your Very First Leads

After spending time and/or money on generating leads for your coaching business, you have to make sure that they don’t go to waste.

Once a lead is generated to your Expertise community, whether it’s by signing up for your webinar or by downloading a piece of free content that you use as a lead magnet, you need to start nurturing them as soon as possible.

So rather than purely focusing on getting as many leads as quick as possible, you firstly need to make sure that you are able to properly take care of the initial ones that you’re generating.

We do this so that they don’t loose interest and also to reinforce their feeling of having made a good decision to join our community in the first place.

For each day that passes without any interaction, your leads will start to go colder and colder.

But fear not – The platform has features that allow you to not only keep the leads warm but to make them warmer and warmer immediately from when they sign up, not letting any leads go unnoticed.

There are many ways to get your first interaction, that first response that lets you know that they’re there.

The easiest way of achieving this is by creating a stellar welcome-email – An email that each one of your leads receives automatically after signing up.

In your welcome-email, there should be something that creates a reaction in the recipient, that then leads to them responding. This can be done by for example using a question that if answered leads to them getting something (content for example) – There needs to be some incentive to respond.

Here’s how you do that:

Step 1:

From your dashboard, go to view your public community page.


Step 2:

Create a welcome post that will serve as the contents of your welcome email.

Tip #1: Including a video in your welcome message will automatically make your welcome email include a clickable thumbnail of the video

Tip #2: The title of your post will be the subject line of your automated email, so make it snappy.

Below, the post creation tool.


After filling it in and attaching a video


Step 3:

After publishing your post by clicking “Post Now” it will appear below in your community feed.

Tip: Notice the social media buttons below the post, these are great tools for spreading content that you create in your community.



Step 4:

Time to create your email. Return to your dashboard and go to “Generate Engagement” Then select “Create New Auto Email”


Step 5: 

Select Email Type “Send Individual Community Post”, then select what send delay you want to have. Meaning, how long after someone joins your community do you want them to receive this email. I chose no delay. Lastly, select the community post.

Lastly, select the community post.

Tip: When creating new auto emails, look at the box on the right as you select each type and you will be able to see what events trigger the email and what call to action it contains.


Step 6:

Scroll down and you will be able to customize the body of the email as well as some design features. (The preview on the right side is updated live).

Once happy with the design, set it live by clicking “Create new auto email”

Tip: Send yourself a test email through the button above the preview and you will be able to see exactly what the email will look like for your leads.


Below is a screenshot of the actual email from my inbox. As you can see it looks just like in the preview.


If the recipient then clicks on either the video thumbnail or “View Post Now”, they will be brought to a page where they can read the post, watch the video and then leave a comment. 

-And there you go, your first contact has been made and you can now continue to nurture the relationship.

Need any help getting started? Book in for a 1on1 session with one of our business strategists here.


Author: Oscar Norin

I help online coaching businesses grow by implementing proven strategies – Focusing in on content creation and cheap lead generation.

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