No Marketing Budget? No Problem – Organic Lead Generation

“Leads, leads, leads and then some more leads”

– This is what all online coaches want, people who have expressed interest for their services in one way or another and who can then be converted into paying clients.

And who can blame them, it is the successful generation of leads and conversion of them, that makes our coaching business grow and allow us to experiment more freely.

They (leads) can be generated in many different ways, depending on how much money/time you have at your disposal.

In this article, I will be focusing on methods that require no money, so called Organic lead generation methods.

Step 1 – Content

Organically growing your coaching business is centered around one, very important thing – Content.

(Example of our own Expertise Webinar Workshop Community, a place where we post regular content updates)

If you want to drive traffic to your community and to your webinars, you need to produce good content and lots of it.

The content can be in the form of evergreen webinars, community posts, videos – anything that your leads would find useful and valuable.

The key to creating good content is:

1 To know who you are creating it for.

This is important because you have to know how to structure your content to ensure it resonates with your audience. As long as you have an idea of who they are when you’re getting started, you can then continuously learn about them from the feedback you receive on your content and mold it accordingly.

2 To have a purpose for any piece of content you create.

Is the purpose to catch the attention of the reader? Is the purpose to get them thinking about a certain problem? Or is it to simply to get the readers to engage with you by prompting a response (by asking a question for example).

3 To not hold back.

What I mean by that is that you can’t only give away crumbs and then sell the pie.

You should let your leads taste the pie and even get parts of the secret recipe.

Don’t worry, even if you think you’re giving away too much, that is rarely the case. People will always want someone to help them bake the pie or even buy it already made – You’re only proving to them how much you know, and removing any doubt in their minds that you are the best at baking pies.

Step 2 – Step right in

Once you have all that amazing content created you need to get people to see it.

Do this by going to forums, groups, and websites that are discussing your topic of expertise.

You then need to partake in the discussions to gain their attention and build up authority – At which point you can link them through to your content created on Expertise.

(TIP: Use this in combination with a permanent link, so that you can always make sure your posted links will lead to your upcoming webinars. No inactive links=no lost traffic.)

To successfully grow your coaching business using this method you will need to make it a part of your daily routine to create and post new content, discuss your topic on various platforms and to spread your links.

If you have never previously taken part in online discussions on your topic, these are some websites to get started with: Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit and of course, Facebook. There’s also a myriad of niche forums out there dealing with any topic you can think of – just a google-search away.

After building up enough authority and recognition in any given group, you can start to promote your content more shamelessly. It has to feel natural, which is why it’s called organic lead generation.

Once they are in your Expertise community, you have successfully generated a lead (WOOO!), a lead that you then need to nurture by sending through content regularly and thereby warming them up towards the conversion moment.

Need any help getting started? Book in for a 1on1 session with one of our business strategists here.

Author: Oscar Norin

I help online coaching businesses grow by implementing proven strategies – Focusing in on content creation and cheap lead generation.

3 thoughts on “No Marketing Budget? No Problem – Organic Lead Generation”

  1. So could you look at your community area/page as a blog/instead of a blog then? I have often thought I should be running a blog but have not got around to it, where as this could be the answer, killing two birds with one stone?

    1. Hi there Jane, happy to see that you read my article!

      You can certainly use the expertise community as a blog-replacement. It works so well since you then generate, nurture and convert your leads – all in the same place! 🙂
      Let me know if you’d like to discuss more 1on1.


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