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Not closing as many sales as you’d like?

There are many factors that play a big role when it comes to figuring out why you are not getting as many sales as you’d hoped for. The offer may not be good enough, there might not even really be a need for your product out there, maybe you haven’t found the right leads or maybe your webinar isn’t rich enough in its content.

But what we’ve found is that a lot of the times, it is simply due to the fact that people might not realize when or how they can close more sales. They might try to sell their package on a live webinar and then that’ll be the end of it. -The people who purchased the package now become clients, and the ones who didn’t are just considered burned leads.

This is why we decided to make life a whole lot easier for our users, by creating the Sales Bot feature, which takes care of of any and all leads who do not purchase your package after seeing it for the first time.

Here’s how it works

Once setup, the bot will create a complete thought out and customized sales email sequence.

The sequence consists of 7 emails, each aiming to close more sales for you.

The bot then takes it upon itself to also determine who is to receive these emails. This is done by it automatically detecting who you’ve tried to sell the package to.

For example, if someone attends a webinar in which I try to sell my package, the bot will sense it and think “Aha, he wants this person to purchase this package” and will then start sending out the sequence to them. The same goes for anyone who receives a community post with the package attached to it, or even visits the landing page for your package. The bot sees it all, and takes action.


In order to use the Sales Bot feature, you firstly need to…


1. Click on “Create New Sales Bot”

You can create different sales bots for all of your different packages.

2. Give it a name

This is so that you can distinguish your bots once you create more than one. You can either give it a descriptive name “September Course Offer” or why not give it a people’s name like “Bob”.

3. Select which package & landing page combination you want the bot to promote.

Each bot you create has one specific purpose: To sell as many X as possible by sending traffic to its landing page, you therefore need to select which package & landing page-combination you want the bot to set its focus on.

4. Select which coupon the bot should use with the package

The bot will apply the coupon code that you’ve created to its sales sequence, and use it as an incentivizing force for closing more sales.

5. Click “Create Sales Bot”

You’re now done with the setup of your first sales bot. 

6. Optimise the email-sequence 

After the bot has been created, you will see it listed in the “Sales Bot”-tab in the dashboard, and on the right-hand side you will see a button that says “Optimise”. Clicking this button will open up the inner workings of the bot and allow you to edit and optimise the emails in its auto-generated sales sequence, so that they have your tone of voice and properly address your audience.

Video Guide

Creating a Sales Bot

Now, go and create your own Sales Bot!

Author: Oscar Norin

I help online coaching businesses grow by implementing proven strategies – Focusing in on content creation and cheap lead generation.

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