Our New Coupon System

Coupons are great.

In fact, they’re essential. When it comes to making sales online, most people will find that it is when they start using exclusive discounts and coupons that they really can get the volume up.

Just think about your own online purchasing habits, I can say with confidence that you’ve likely bought products online purely out of the fact that they were heavily discounted.

Discounts and coupons help reduce the perceived risk in the buyer’s mind and will make it easier for them to click that purchase-now button.

For these reasons, we have now launched a complete coupon system on the Expertise.tv platform.

This is something that we are very excited about, and that we think will be able to transform the way many of you get your conversions.

Here’s how it works

You will notice that a new tab has been added to your dashboard. Well 2 new tabs actually, but Sales Bots will be dealt with in a different article (yes it is as good as it sounds)For now, however, we are focusing in on the one labeled Close Sales, which is where you will find our new coupon system.

The system now lets you create a wide range of offer-types. From one-off coupons on specific packages to generic discount-vouchers that can be used on any of your packages.


1. Click on “Create New Offer”

2. Select which packages are to be eligible for the offer

You can select a specific or a few specific packages that you want the code to be applicable to, or you can leave the field blank and make the offer usable on all of your packages.

3. Select a code

This will be the coupon code that your leads have to type in during checkout to apply the discount.

Make a generic coupon that you can give away for whatever reason you see fit, for example, “25OFFNOW”.

You can also make more specific coupons, that you can use only for one webinar or even one person “OSCAR25OFF”

Or, seasonal ones “XMAS17”

The possibilities are endless.

4. Select coupon type

Do you want the coupon to reduce the price by a specific percentage or by a set $ amount?

5. Set the discount percentage/amount

6. Set the duration of the discounted price. (Only applicable for subscription-packages)

Do you want them to get the discount only for their first payment, for a certain number of months, or forever?

7. Set the redemption-amount

How many times do you want the coupon to be able to be used?

Use this to drive up the volume of your coupon redemptions. You can be very clear during your webinar and say that “This coupon will be valid for the first 7 people who use it”. It goes one step further in creating urgency for your offer.

8. Set the redemption-deadline

How long should this coupon stay active?

This can be used to effectively increase the number of conversions you get from your follow-up work after a webinar.

“24 hrs until the coupon becomes inactive!” 


Video Guide

Creating a coupon

Let’s firstly look at the coupon-creating process.

Using a coupon when purchasing a package

Let’s also have a look at how your leads will use the coupon code you give them.

If you think about the potentially huge changes this can make to your sales process & volume, and the few minutes it takes to set up, it really is a no-brainer for most users.

Now, go and get selling!


If you would like some 1on1 help with getting setup properly on our platform, schedule in for a call with one of our business strategists here.

Author: Oscar Norin

I help online coaching businesses grow by implementing proven strategies – Focusing in on content creation and cheap lead generation.

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