All you need to know about creating an online coaching course!

One of the best ways to offer your coaching services is by creating a course. But we understand that it can be overwhelming knowing where to get started with this.

Did you know that the public community page takes the hassle out of creating courses on Not only can use the feature to engage with your community publicly, but you can also create packages and attach it to hidden community posts that will be sent out exclusively to course subscribers. 

These are just some of the benefits of creating a course…

  • Build a relationship with your audience
  • Gain trust by solving problems your course
  • Lead magnet! – Market your package
  • Get people in the habit of purchasing from you

Awesome! So, here’s how to use our public community area to get started…

1. Create Your Solution 

Creating a course on the platform is a great place to start with marketing your solution. Head to Monetize Your Expertise tab to get started. You have the option here of adding an enrollment deadline or allowing recurring payments – it all depends on how you want to structure your solution.

Membership levels are a great way to organize your community, so feel free to create more than one solution at different price levels to suit different budgets and requirements.



2. Community Page

By now you should be familiar with the community page. You can use it in the way you would use a blog or as a means to create posts for drip-emails, auto-emails and more. We’ve added another feature to make it even better. Drumroll… the hidden post button! Hiding posts from your community will give you the flexibility to separate your content based on who has purchased which course.

Anyone who purchases your course will then feel like they are purchasing a package with attached exclusivity. Making content available to course subscribers only will add value to your solution – your subscribers will feel lucky to have access to your quality content!
In the public community page, you can add attachments, webinar recordings, and videos or keep the posts as plain text. These added options make all the difference to how customizable your solution is: create workshops, boot camps, courses, programs – it is completely up to you!

Create your course content and don’t forget to check “Hide this post from main community area?”

! Remember that you also have the ability to create content for more than one solution !

3. The Drip

After you’ve completed your content head to Nurture at Scale in your dashboard. This is where you create your drip. Select the posts you created in the public community page, choose the timed delay (anywhere between 1-7 days) and save.


4.The Trigger

Now go to Generate Engagement in your dashboard- this is where you set your drip with a trigger. Select “Send community post series after package purchase” from Email Type and choose the drip you created previously. Now your drip series will be sent out exclusively to anyone who has purchased your course. Done!

And that is all you need to know to get started with creating a course on! We’re confident that you’ll find the community page an ideal way to push out content to people who have subscribed to your solution. Over time, you’ll find that creating a course is the perfect way to build up a relationship with your customers and get them into the habit of paying for your solutions. You can also use the course as a lead magnet – it’s an ideal way to attract community members with your expertly marketed solution!

Start creating courses today and begin organizing your content in a convenient and effective way.

Need any help getting started? Book in for a 1on1 session with one of our business strategists here.

Author: Fern Crawley

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