All you need to know about creating your first webinar

How do I find a good topic?

If you are able to prove to your audience that you are the person to solve their problems they will be more likely to stick around and trust you with more of their pains moving forward. Your first webinar should address a mini-problem. You should remember to not give the game away too soon and that your most valuable solutions should come later on! With a bit of brainstorming and research, you will be well positioned to solve your target audiences’ problems.

Our social media guru Helina, has more to say on finding your pain point in her article ‘How To Attract An Audience That Craves What You’re Selling’

How do I attract webinar attendees?

Organic and paid methods are both effective. By linking the webinar to a landing page you can market it to your pre-existing social media connections. If you have a LinkedIn following you also have the opportunity to import your connections via the Organize Your Members tab in your dashboard. However, if you’re looking to invest in marketing your webinar, you can now link Facebook Lead Forms directly to your webinar page. Now – anyone who clicks on the Facebook ad will automatically be signed up for the webinar, as well added to your community.

To learn more about attracting quality leads on the platform, read Oscar’s article on Organic Lead Generation here. Or dip a toe into paid advertising and try the low-cost Facebook Lead Form integration – new to – more on that here!

How can I practice?

We recommend taking advantage of the Private Rehearsal Area. As soon as your webinar page is created, you can navigate to the webinar (found in the ‘Webinars’ tab) You will see the ‘Private Rehearsal Area’ – it’s a great way to become familiar with the webinar features. We also recommend that you have a soft launch. Invite your friends and family on to your community and create a practice webinar so that they can act as a live audience. For more handy tips, read Helina’s article on broadcasting a live webinar and start practicing today.

What are the signs of a successful first webinar?

You will know when you have your first successful webinar. Your audience members will engage with you and they will feel appreciative of your expertise. Your second webinar will be telling: Has your audience returned? Do you have new sign-ups?

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