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Hi, my name is Leena Sowambur and I am the founder of Positively Music which is a training provider in live and online courses to the music industry focusing on marketing, business development, business design and entrepreneurship.

I am here to speak to you about Expertise.TV. I originally signed out with Expertise. TV because I thought it is one for   everything has been taught out. There is a very clearly and detailed thought process that has gone on here with Expertise.tv.

The landing pages look very very sleek and the interface is very intuitive and user friendly and importantly for me the learning curve at the time to get to know the platform was actually very short so I didn’t have to spend time in getting to know things which when your are busy running a business that’s very important aspects of when you are sourcing supplies and engaging with new tools so that was a very important thing for me.

Now Expertise.TV has a new email tool which can be used in conjunction with the webinar software that they have and they have great webinar program software. Again the videos are very good quality, the streaming is flawless and they have great customer service on how to use well. There was one time when I had a little technical hitch with one of my webinars and someone was there immediately to help me out, I wasn’t even expecting it. So it’s absolutely amazing, I was so happy. So back to the email tool, this is again a dumb for you solution you can send emails to your community to tell them that your webinar is coming up. You can send calls you can ask questions, you can send them blog posts etc etc; again down to use solution very easy to do and something that you can get done, inside of a day.

So please go check out expertise.tv, I am very very happy with them and I look forward to working with them for a long time to come. Thank you very much.

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