Five Things To Expect When Hosting Live Webinars

When I finally submitted the date of my first webinar, I suddenly felt sick!

Even though I was incredibly excited, all I felt was nerves.

I had no idea what to expect.

I was used to talking in front of a physically present, live audience, but I knew this would feel nothing like that.

This was going to be me, alone in a room, chatting to my laptop. That act, itself, felt bizarre enough!

Now, nearly a year later, I am very confident with hosting live webinars.

The curveballs that landed my way really jumpstarted my learning. I acquired the knowledge and skills to diffuse some tricky, difficult situations.

This is why I put together a list of five things to expect when hosting live webinars, so that nothing will phase you once you’re hosting your own webinars!


1. Live Broadcasting

It took me a while to get used to the unsettling, peculiar feeling of being live, because there is no pause button or a chance to restart.

It is very easy to forget that when you’re practicing.

At my introduction to webinars, I restarted my rehearsals each time I did not like what I said. Yet you cannot do that during your live webinar! You have to recover and power through.

That is what you should be practicing, getting tongue-tied, messing up but not letting that throw you off. It is a live event, you don’t get to pause.


2. Freezing

Let’s pretend something did not go according to plan.

For example: Suddenly the browser window you’re screen-sharing stops responding. You have lost ALL your talking points. There are 85 attendees watching on you.

A problem like that can set off a complete a panic attack. With the pressure of being live and having an audience wait on you, it is very easy (too easy!) to get stuck and not know how to continue.

The temptation to end the agony by just closing your laptop is strong.

I always have had that fruity little thought at the back of my mind going, “You’ve tanked it! Just shut it down and run! Run!! “.

However, I have AMAZING news!

Audiences are extremely forgiving of errors!

In fact, it makes you seem more human and makes the whole event more entertaining.

Nobody wants to learn from a scripted robot. Your audience wants to connect with you, they want to relate to you! Your imperfections make you more relatable!


3. Voice Fatigue

Talking for 45 minutes straight will hurt!

Webinars require some breathing breaks. A structured plan for your content can help avoid a lot of discomfort.

For example: Break your main content into series of smaller segments. In-between these segments, attend to the chat and answer some questions. This will give you a good break and make the webinar feel more engaging.

You can also include short videos in your webinar, which will give you some time to gather yourself.


4. Attendance

What kind of attendance should you expect?

A new well-marketed webinar normally has an average of 25-30% attendance from sign-ups.

You have to keep in mind that this audience is still cold and have responded to a post/add.

They don’t know you and don’t have a relationship with you yet.

Once the audience knows, likes and trusts you, or they know like and trust whoever is promoting the webinar, the attendance will be much higher.

Don’t be discouraged by the turn out at the beginning. You will build on this.


5. Sales

Once you’ve found your groove, you can expect to sell your services during your webinar.

A skilfully planned webinar is the highest converting medium in the online community!

An average sales rate of a webinar is between 10%-20%. You can compare that to the average rate of a sales landing page, 2.35%.

But why do webinars convert so well? This is because people purchase from people they know, like, and trust. That’s it.

How often have you bought something over $400 from a person you did not trust? Not very frequently, I assume.

Creating a coaching business online is all about social visibility, character, and producing value. No other medium demonstrates all of the above better than a webinar.


So start using webinars and build your tribe of raving fans!

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Author: Helina Hein

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