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The following is an interview with the “SEO Queen”– Zhe Levels Scott.

It was held after she participated, and excelled, in a challenge/workshop that we had on the Expertise platform.

See what she had to say about her experience, or scroll down for the written version.

Please introduce yourself:

-Hello my name is Zhe Levels Scott, and I am the CEO Queen -Also known as your chief digital strategist. I am a digital marketing coach, I am Hubspot and Google certified. I’ve been doing this for quite some time, I’ve been building websites since the late nineties, so I have been online for for quite some time.

When did you first start doing webinars?

-I just started doing webinars this year.

How are you planning to monetize your Expertise?

-In my webinars I’m looking to sell copies of my book “SEO Training 2017: Search Engine Optimization & Marketing For Small Businesses”, and also done-for-you services, and coaching packages.

Did participating in the challenge help you and your online coaching business?

-I think the challenge was extremely helpful, the reason why I wanted to participate was because I had a virtual summit taking place just after the challenge ended and I wanted to be as prepared as possible. I learned a lot and it actually helped me make better use of the platform. One feature that I liked learning how to use was how to sell packages and how to add those to a live webinar, that was really nice. I really like this platform, it really is powerful.

Do you have a strategy in place for your live sessions?

-Yes I do have a strategy already in place that I’m utilizing -I’m doing Facebook lives for, and because you can stream live to Facebook using this platform that makes my lives even that much more powerful because I can actually have slide incorporated into my Facebook lives. Once I realized that I really leveraged this platform to the hills now. Any Facebook lives I do now, I make sure I scheduled the webinars in advance and broadcast them through the platform. Also, the virtual summit that I was preparing for got over forty leads added to my community, and I really haven’t even used every aspect of this platform yet, so it was pretty exciting to see those results right out of the gate with my first event.

What pain-points are your audience experiencing?

-I think the pain that my ideal prospect is facing is experiencing that they’re not getting enough traffic to their digital assets, whether it’s because they don’t have the expertise or they don’t have the time. If they don’t have the expertise I have my coaching packages and if they don’t have the time I have my done-for-your services as well.

Would you recommend to people looking to get into online coaching?

-Oh absolutely, I think Expertise is a really really good platform and I really like how much the staff really cares about the success of everyone on the platform. I’ve been able to reach support very reliably and I really like everything about this platform. I mean it literally has so much data in your community, and I just cannot wait to continue to grow my business on this platform. It is an essential tool in my tool belt at this point.

Do you have any advice to people who are new to online coaching?

-I think it’s really important for you to really have a clear value proposition and be open to packaging that value proposition in various ways, we call that segmenting the market and I think that’s one of the things that has really been a benefit to me, a beneficial strategy and you should also always keep your eyes and ears open to how people want to buy and you need to marry that to how you want to sell. That’s what I did. I also really prefer to speak to people after they’ve had a chance to get to know my company and once they have done that, we can avoid uncomfortable conversations like “Can we look at your references?” All this information is already on my website: testimonials, biographical information & social media links. -All of that is already online. When I start talking to clients I really want to spend that time finding solutions to their traffic deficit.

Thank you Zhe Levels Scott, and good luck onwards!

If you’re interested in joining one of our workshops like Juanita did, you can find some information on them and links to register for them below.


The Race To 50

The Race To 50 is a workshop/challenge hybrid, in which participants race to get 50 community members. To help you reach this goal the community has been populated with helpful content on the topic of community building. A leaderboard shows the score (amount of community members) of each contestant to add in a competitive element. Once you reach 50 members you have the chance to become a content contributor for the community, and share your experience.

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The 7 Days To Automate Sales Workshop

In this workshop we work together towards setting up an entire automated sales funnel for you on our platform. We will be creating your product, your special offer, your evergreen webinar presentation, and more. Daily modules are sent out, containing training material and daily assignments for you to complete. The workshop ultimately relies on you completing the daily tasks but there is also a fair amount of hand-holding from the workshop organizer (myself), to make sure that all of the participants manage to complete the tasks.

Register here:


7 Steps To Filling Webinars With Facebook Ads 

In this workshop our Facebook expert Helina teaches you how to create Facebook ads that perform. From creating copy that resonates with the audience, to creating ad images and doing the targeting. If you’re looking to use Facebook to generate signups for your webinars we recommend you attend this workshop.

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