Success Stories – Juanita E. Gaynor

The following is an interview with the Small Business Development Coach – Juanita E. Gaynor.

It was held after she participated, and excelled, in a challenge/workshop that we had on the Expertise platform.

See what she had to say about her experience, or scroll down for the written version.

Please introduce yourself:

-My name is Juanita Gaynor, and I am a Small Business Development Coach. The types of programs that I run aim to help new entrepreneurs and small businesses develop their legal platforms as well as their business platforms in order to be successful. Many of them just don’t know what the right legal setups or which marketing avenues they should take, or might need help with their overall branding. They just say “I have a product I want to do” but then they don’t lay down a foundation, and event

ually that’s what gets them in trouble.

How long have you been a member of

-I have been signed up on the platform for about six or seven months, I’m just exploring it as I was looking to find another avenue to get more clients and to do more webinars, as it was becoming obvious to me that I couldn’t be everywhere all the time. So I found it a way that I can introduce people to me and do different blog posts outside of my website and to just be a little bit more concentrated on that particular assignment.

You recently participated in a challenge here on the platform, did you find it helpful?

-I found it extremely he

lpful for me, especially the daily challenges because there were a lot of things that i did not know that the platform was able to do. What it also allowed me to do was to become very focused on what i needed to offer – contingent on the clientele. So the day to day steps made me really be able to hone in and focus on what I could offer and actually identify that what I do face to face was really something that people were looking for online as well.

What is your goal with using the expertise platform?

-The goal for this particular platform is to get businesses to a point where I can actually move them over to either my accounting firm -which can handle their financials, or to maybe doing their social media and branding. Yes I would like to make some money on this particular platform, but my main goal is to educate and deliver the knowledge so that once people have been fully educated it’s quite a natural transition for them to say “well she knows all of that, let her now take us to the next level”.

Do you have any advice for people who are just starting their online businesses on our platform?

-Absolutely I do. For your online business you must become very clear on what it is that you want to offer. You may have five to six different things you want to do, but out of those five or six you have to choose the one topic that the majority people are looking for. Focus on that and fine-tune it, and once you’ve done that and you have generated a following you can introduce them to other pain points they may have. -Because now you have a captive audience and you have people that are looking to get the knowledge that you sit on. Hone it in on one particular topic at first, and then expand to the various ones you have.

Have you found it difficult

to find people who are interested in your webinars?

-Before i took the challenge it was something that I was struggling with because I really didn’t focus in on the pains, and the challenge made me realize that I had to do that. -And once I did, and identified a need for my content and put it out there, it really surprised me how many people really were interested in it and were flocking to get that knowledge.

-So again, once you identify and pinpoint that main pain point you will be surprised how many people really want to take part of the knowledge. Before the challenge it was tough and now people are like “Oh! Are you doing another webinar on that topic?”, so it has been really easy to pick up new potential clients.

Would you recommend the chall

enge, and the platform in general to people?

-Absolutely. I think I have been receiving emails regarding the platform sometimes and always thought “I’ll look into it” but then haven’t paid any attention to it. But with the challenge it opened my eyes to so much more. I do refer it to people because I do have some colleagues who are interested in online coaching and are looking to expand their brands.

-So yes I can absolutely recommend this to others, and I do.

Thank you Juanita, and good luck onwards!

If you’re interested in joining one of our workshops like Juanita did, you can find some information on them and links to register for them below.


The Race To 50

The Race To 50 is a workshop/challenge hybrid, in which participants race to get 50 community members. To help you reach this goal the community has been populated with helpful content on the topic of community building. A leaderboard shows the score (amount of community members) of each contestant to add in a competitive element. Once you reach 50 members you have the chance to become a content contributor for the community, and share your experience.

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The 7 Days To Automate Sales Workshop

In this workshop we work together towards setting up an entire automated sales funnel for you on our platform. We will be creating your product, your special offer, your evergreen webinar presentation, and more. Daily modules are sent out, containing training material and daily assignments for you to complete. The workshop ultimately relies on you completing the daily tasks but there is also a fair amount of hand-holding from the workshop organizer (myself), to make sure that all of the participants manage to complete the tasks.

Register here:


7 Steps To Filling Webinars With Facebook Ads 

In this workshop our Facebook expert Helina teaches you how to create Facebook ads that perform. From creating copy that resonates with the audience, to creating ad images and doing the targeting. If you’re looking to use Facebook to generate signups for your webinars we recommend you attend this workshop.

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Or, if you want 1on1 help getting setup properly, schedule in for a call with one of our business strategists here.

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