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Hi! So my name is E Summers and this is my review of Expertise tv.

I’ve used it for about a month and a half now, maybe 2 months, and I have to say it really is a very comprehensive platform. It has a CRM system built in so, like a customer engagement system, you can actually send emails, also a built in community so you can communicate with your potential clients or customers through a built in community which is amazing. It has, obviously, you can sell your products or services which is right there and people can purchase right there which is amazing and of course it also has a built in video coaching which is either one on one or group and also a complete webinar system. So its really comprehensive and I was really impressed with the site.

I’m not even sure I have found all the features yet, there’s so many and it works super-well, its very comprehensive and the webinar system is really great, you can do either as a powerpoint or as a video presentation or a combination of both. It has great features, its really intimate, you can also of course have the recordings available, you can edit your webinar after its finished which is a really great feature. It has great landing page features, I think converts really well, you can also put a video welcome on there so it has maybe an even higher conversion rate; the landing page is very nice and of course it has a built in CRM system so that you can build client engagement which is really important either/also before a webinar or during a webinar and also afterwards because a lot of time your sales will come after the webinar. A lot of people don’t attend live and so you have a chance to ask for a sale again through their built in email system and also sending posts straight to their community so I think its really great to have a built in CRM system so people can be notified right through email so its built in which is really fantastic and the webinar I did, I had I think a pretty good turnout for my first time and it was a really good experience and it also people can ask questions, it has a built in chat room plus you get support, you get tech support from Expertise.tv so I had a really good experience during my webinar and then also you know, if you get Expertise tv at the highest level its like a full solution because you can also do video coaching either one on one or with a group and the video chat between you and the client or a potential client that you are working with is really intimate, its just a really great experience. You definitely have to use Google Chrome and also with the webinar remember to do the screen-share option if you want to record your powerpoint.

The only issue I had was the emails that were going through. You have the ability to send test emails to yourself which is great so you can see ahead of time, like, check your copy and see how it sounds to your potential client or customer but I wasn’t clear on if in the test emails that were coming through if Expertise has their own copy on there like, are we placing with your own copy and some of Expertise tv copy was coming through in my test emails and I wasn’t clear if it was going to go through also to my clients or potential clients or customers. So that was the only part I wasn’t clear on but it’s a really fantastic system, I really believe that it’s an all in one solution and if you are a coach or a consultant or you are doing anything in the capacity where you are using webinars but also using coaching and using video coaching which is so powerful I find it much better and more intimate than say, Skype.

I really love the features on Expertise.tv and like I said, I’m not even sure that I’ve discovered all of them yet, there are so many, but you know, its customer engagement, customer acquisition, webinars, the ability to sell right on the site which is amazing and also, the whole CRM system is right in there so you can send emails, and also, the built in community, so yeah, very impressed and I definitely very highly recommend checking out Expertise tv.


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  1. Thank you very much for your testimonial. Our company is just beginning to work with this platform, and I am finding many of the same things you mention here to be true. We also are focusing our efforts towards the wellness community, so I would love to stay connected with you in some ways so we can share our experiences, and possibly share our “expertise”! Good luck in your endeavors. I hope to chat with you again!

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