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Knowing where to get started with launching your online coaching business may seem daunting. And yes, the phrase Rome wasn’t built in a day” applies here – but if you are completing the key milestones below, you are on track to launching a successful online coaching business!

We also spoke to Donna DeNomme, a Colorado-based coach who specializes in healing, “life enrichment and spiritual development”. Donna has done a great job of getting set up on the platform and was keen to share with us her journey.



The Milestones to launching on

Your profile is set up 

I’m not even joking – if you’ve already created your account and filled in your profile details you’ve already made progress with becoming a successful online coach. It may not seem as though these tasks are particularly challenging or time-consuming, but they make a huge difference. Take it from Donna – completing these small tasks will really make you feel like you’ve made progress. And, unlike you, there are still many coaches who are yet to make the move from offline coaching into the scary realm of the internet. Am I right?!


You’ve Scheduled Your First Webinars

This isn’t an easy feat and we appreciate that creating your first couple of webinars takes a lot of thought. But you’ve done that. All that preparation, research and rehearsing to your dog has helped you on your journey and you shouldn’t take that for granted. Not only have you mastered public speaking but you’ve also developed a product… You have a solution that many people will turn to you for, and that’s pretty good going.



Your Community Is Growing

One major sign that you’re on the path to coaching success is that you have a growing community. If you’re attracting new sign-ups already, you are doing the right thing. But, don’t be put off if you don’t attract sign-ups in the hundreds just yet, – you’re not Tony Robbins, so cut yourself some slack. I’m not saying that you’ll reach Tony-level-of-popular anytime soon, but we have some great features that will help you on the journey. So if you haven’t already, check out our other methods for attracting new sign-ups. And do remember – this will be a gradual growth, so carry on doing what you’re doing, you’ll get there!


Your Audience Is Engaging With You

People are the worst, so it’s really impressive if you’re already getting something back from your audience. It means that you have broken through some tough barriers and your audience likes you – and for that, we like you. Getting that engagement from your webinar attendees is already a huge indicator that they are beginning to trust you. Trust is the key to an audience that is willing to purchase your solution. Keep this up… We promise over time you’ll get some great results.


So if you’re completing the above milestones, you should be pretty happy with yourself! You’ve made it quite far on your journey to becoming a successful online coach already. If you’re nurturing your sign-ups and engaging with your audience already, you will get there. Just don’t forget – good things come to those who wait!

TIP: Take it from Donna. Our training webinars will give you the motivation to get started on the platform. Check out our product development program to help you get going. Then we recommend you move onto learning the importance of generating new leads with our Optimizing your coaching business webinar. Finally, gain valuable knowledge on converting attendees to clients with our Webinar Sales Formula Webinar.

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