Webinar Training Starts Here: Session 1

Congratulations for taking the first step into mastering webinars with Expertise.tv.

From now on you can rely on us to help you through this journey one step at the time.

First things first: The topic for your webinar.

In the next 25 minutes we will equip you with the skill of finding the most engaging topics for your webinars which will keep you one step ahead of your competitors forever.

Now that you are an expert in finding your client’s pain points , you are ready for your first webinar… almost

First let’s make sure they know all about your expertise!

Why Should Anyone Want To Listen To You?

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Author: Tanine

8 thoughts on “Webinar Training Starts Here: Session 1”

  1. Really good Cam, I have seen the google suggestions but didn’t think to use them for identifying pain points! Didn’t know about the space bar either!

  2. Awesome information and I didn’t think about the google bar that way either. Excellent information just in video 1 already Thank you in advance

  3. Very informative. I appreciate the 5 methods to find pain points for my audience. I did not know about Quora.

    I coach married couples to understand each other enough to dig deeper in their meaningful communication with each other, even when one is a quiet person. We start where the couple communicates now and give skills to express themselves in any topic when we finish the learning experience.

    How do I learn more about the “polls” at expertise.tv?


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