How to deliver an awesome client experience

Solving problems is key to creating an awesome client experience for your audience members. We have several ways you can prove yourself as the knowledgeable coach that you are! So how do you show your clients that you’re able to solve their problems?

  1. Head to the Monetize Your Expertise page on the platform – here you have the option to create courses and attach content. You can create tiers for your packages and even create a free course (keep the price as ‘0’).
  2. Using your public community page you can create awesome content to push out to your community. The community page is a crucial part of nurturing your audience into happy and returning customers. Create your content
  3. The Rolodex in the top right corner of the dashboard is a useful tool to monitor the quality of your client’s experience. This is where you can message your community members and manage your clients privately. You can video/voice call, send files and answer any private questions your audience may have.
  4. Using the My Availability function under your profile bubble on the home screen you are also able to create times so that your webinar attendees can book one-to-one coaching sessions with yourself (they can do this on your community profile page or on the webinar screen)
  5. It’s key to keep your audience members engaged by answering their questions. On the Know Your Clients section of the platform you have the ability to poll your users and send out short surveys before, during and after your webinar.

There you have it – some handy tips for delivering an awesome experience for your audience members. Why not try to prompt your attendees to privately message you on the Rolodex next time you’re broadcasting? Not only will it be a great way to get to know who your audience is, but a little more one-on-one time with your clients will help you prove your prowess in the longterm.

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