A Day In The Life Of An Expertise Coach

Content posts, hosting webinars, making sales, answering questions and 1on1 sessions.

These are all part of an online coach’s day to day activities.

Let’s have a look at what it can be like once your online coaching business is up and running.

First Login [Morning]

The first time you log in for the day is always exciting, that’s when you can see what has happened since yesterday.

Did I get any more signups to my webinar? Did I get any comments? Check for new sales?

Today I hade a couple of new signups to my webinar as well as a few comments on community posts and on the webinar page.

The first thing that you then have to do is to answer all of the comments and questions that you have received.

People who ask questions have taken one step further to becoming your client and are now to be considered a priority.

TIP: Tag people who engage with you through questions and comments and then treat that group as your warmest leads with personalized engagement and interaction.

Second Login [Noon]

It is now time to post today’s content.

A new video post which will serve as a teaser for my upcoming webinar tonight.

By sending out a post before the webinar we can 1. Increase show-up rates from the people who have signed up, and 2. Get people who have not signed up to do so.

Creating the post

After creating the post, it will be listed in your community feed.

You can also hide the post from the feed, in case you only want certain people to see it.

And then sending it out

To send out the post, simply click on “Select members to receive email”.

The subject line of the email will be the same as the title of the post, so make it snappy!

TIP: Use the filter feature to decide which people you want to receive your post in their email inbox.

Third login [Afternoon]

As the day goes on, the time has now come for a 1on1 coaching session with one of my current clients.

The call had been scheduled in through the Expertise calendar and we use the Rolodex to connect.

The session went well, we have another one scheduled in a couple of days.

Fourth Login [Rehearsal time]

My webinar time is closing in, so it’s time to get a final rehearsal done, just to make sure that I nail the live one.

TIP: Treat the rehearsal as if it was the live session. Deliver your content, ask questions and prepare for the Q&A as well!

Fifth login [Live webinar]

The time has come for the live webinar.

I arrive early at the webinar page to greet any users who are there by using the chat box.

When the countdown hits 0 I press “Start Mic & Webcam” and I’m now live.

After the webinar

The session went great!

I received a lot of interesting feedback, which I will implement for my next webinar, I also got 3 people to purchase my course and I helped over 40 people learn a new framework that will help them reach their goals faster.

Now, all I have to do is to set the webinar to Evergreen so that people who missed it can watch it.

TIP: After you have set the webinar to Evergreen, copy the link to the replay page and then create a community post with the link included. Then, simply send out the post to the people who signed up but did not attend -Using the previously shown filter feature. This will allow you to get more conversions and help more people, even after your live session.


This has been a regular day in the life of an online coach on expertise.tv

If you need any help with getting set up on the platform, or any other aspect of your online business (sales, lead gen etc.), feel free to book in for a call with one of our business strategists here. 🙂

Author: Oscar Norin

I help online coaching businesses grow by implementing proven strategies – Focusing in on content creation and cheap lead generation.

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