The Importance Of Surveying Your Leads

Who are your community members? When you’re doing marketing for your webinars, you will have varying levels of control over who signs up it. If you’re doing paid ads you will be able to target them towards a specific kind of person, based on demographics, interests and other such qualifiers. If you’re doing organic (free) marketing, you will not have the same control over who […]

How To Ignite Your Online Coaching Business

An online coaching business could be compared to an engine. They both consist of many intricate parts, and for them to ignite & run smoothly they both need a consistent supply of fuel (leads), and a spark (your webinar). In order to assemble your online coaching business, you need to make up your mind on a few important questions, the 3 most essential ones being: Am […]

Awkward silences in your webinars?

We all have awkward moments. It’s as though you’ve told a joke to a room full of people, and it falls flat… The room is deathly quiet – your audience looks unimpressed. You choke. A bead of sweat trickles down your brow, someone at the back of the room coughs, a cricket chirps. Was that a tumbleweed? Presenting webinars may not be stand-up but that doesn’t […]

How To Make Your First Course A Great One

The online learning industry has seen astounding growth over the last few years, having surpassed the $100 billion per year value mark a few years back and showing no signs of declining. This can be attributed largely to the arrival of new online platforms, such as our own, that has made the process of creating and selling content easier than ever. In this article, I […]

Getting Started On – Recorded Webinar Tutorials

“Get Started: A Series Of Webinar Recordings” This is the title of a new community page created on the platform in which you can find a series of recorded webinars dealing with various features of the platform. The purpose is to help our users get properly set up on the platform in their own pace, you can choose to watch them all or just the ones […]

Five Things To Expect When Hosting Live Webinars

When I finally submitted the date of my first webinar, I suddenly felt sick! Even though I was incredibly excited, all I felt was nerves. I had no idea what to expect. I was used to talking in front of a physically present, live audience, but I knew this would feel nothing like that. This was going to be me, alone in a room, chatting […]

Webinar lighting, sound & network connection: What to keep in mind?

  So what are we talking about today? The three key factors that affect the quality of your webinar.  Internet connection, sound and lighting.   1. Internet connection During your webinar, you must ensure nothing else is else running. Close all applications!  Yes, this also includes your e-mail, Facebook, Netflix! It’s good practise to make sure you have latest version of your browser to avoid any performance issues […]