How To Set A Budget & Audience Size For Facebook Ads To Reach Profitability?

How to determine how much money you should be spending on your Facebook ads?   We’re going to use some simple math to help you make that decision. Once we’re done, you’ll be equipped to workout a profitable Facebook marketing plan and budget.   To arrive at your final value, there will be 5 easy steps.   1. What is your Facebook goal? 2. Calculate […]

Create multiple landing pages for you webinar

  The golden rule for optimised conversions does not exists. People are different.   So what do you do? Try out different titles, images, colours and discover what works best or create landing pages catering to each segment of your target audience. Thus rest assured that every available spot is covered and giving you the best possible result! You can do this with zero coding or […]

The Basics Of Facebook Ads Targeting For Coaches

How to choose the audience who’ll see your ads, click on it and sign up for your webinar? There is no magic here. Facebook offers a wide range of targeting options that will help you find your niche!

The Potential of Combining Facebook with Webinars

  With Facebook’s massive user-base exists a load of marketing potential. It has been found that Facebook has directed more traffic than even Google to some websites. That is definitely something to mull over. By targeting the right interests, behaviour and job titles you can talk to people who don’t even know they need you yet. This gives you the opportunity to share valuable and relevant content to them. […]