What’s the biggest mistake our coaches are making with webinar marketing?

We’re proud of you for getting started with the daunting task of marketing your coaching business online. It’s tricky knowing where to start sometimes and you’ve got that far. But! You really don’t want to be putting all your efforts into your social media marketing and losing potential sign-ups because they have stumbled across your ad, and it links to an old webinar. So today, […]

How to generate low-cost leads

Our new Facebook Leads App will help you lower costs of your Facebook ad campaigns yet improve the quality of your webinar sign-ups. Here’s how to use our new Facebook Leads Ap feature: Go to Manage webinars –> Head to the webinar you would like to advertise and click Edit Webinar –> Now you can see the new tab we’ve created titled ‘Lead Ads’. Time to […]

Stop spending so much money advertising your coaching business!

The hardest part about running your coaching business is attracting good webinar sign-ups without spending a load on paid ads. You’ve exhausted organic methods on LinkedIn, Facebook, email lists and just about everything else you can think of. What’s next?! Good news – Our new Facebook Leads App will help you lower costs of your Facebook ad campaigns yet improve the quality of your webinar […]

No Marketing Budget? No Problem – Organic Lead Generation

“Leads, leads, leads and then some more leads” – This is what all online coaches want, people who have expressed interest for their services in one way or another and who can then be converted into paying clients. And who can blame them, it is the successful generation of leads and conversion of them, that makes our coaching business grow and allow us to experiment […]

How To Nurture 100s Of Webinar Signups Into Clients!

Auto emails are marketing gold dust. Not only are they an epic way to initiate some sort of response, but they are also the best way to keep your many webinar signups engaged which is what it takes to turn them into paying clients! You should definitely jump on the auto email bandwagon and save yourself from spending so much time chasing up your many signups […]

Copywriting for Facebook Ads: 4 Tips For Writing Headlines

  “The real fact of the matter is that nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” – Howard Luck Gossage   Writing Headlines Your headline is the most important part of your ad copy. The first line of your copy forms the first impression. It either interests your readers or drives them away. So even if the remainder of […]

3 Steps To Decrease Your Webinar No-Shows

You’ve already created a webinar, and it was good one. Go you! You deserve a pat on the back for that. BUT your only problem is, you’ve had quite a few no-shows. Eurgh they’re the worst… So, here’s how you to convince your sign-ups to stick around for your webinar and that YOU are the coach for them… WELCOME ON BOARD Did you know that […]