All you need to know about creating your first webinar

How do I find a good topic? If you are able to prove to your audience that you are the person to solve their problems they will be more likely to stick around and trust you with more of their pains moving forward. Your first webinar should address a mini-problem. You should remember to not give the game away too soon and that your most […]

Get The Most Out Of Your List

No matter if you have a list of 100,000 or 100 people, the same principle of nurture & engagement should be applied. It is by nurturing and generating engagement from our list that we warm up our leads and unlock its full potential. Sending through relevant content on a regular basis, as well as invitations to interact is a key part of this. In this […]

All you need to know about creating an online coaching course!

One of the best ways to offer your coaching services is by creating a course. But we understand that it can be overwhelming knowing where to get started with this. Did you know that the public community page takes the hassle out of creating courses on Not only can use the feature to engage with your community publicly, but you can also create packages […]

How To Make Your First Course A Great One

The online learning industry has seen astounding growth over the last few years, having surpassed the $100 billion per year value mark a few years back and showing no signs of declining. This can be attributed largely to the arrival of new online platforms, such as our own, that has made the process of creating and selling content easier than ever. In this article, I […]

Stop spending so much money advertising your coaching business!

The hardest part about running your coaching business is attracting good webinar sign-ups without spending a load on paid ads. You’ve exhausted organic methods on LinkedIn, Facebook, email lists and just about everything else you can think of. What’s next?! Good news – Our new Facebook Leads App will help you lower costs of your Facebook ad campaigns yet improve the quality of your webinar […]

Becoming A Content Machine

“How much good content do you have?” This somewhat provocative question can almost singlehandedly determine whether or not your online coaching business will succeed. Sure, there are other factors involved in creating a successful online coaching business – But none of them weigh quite as much as the aforementioned one. In short. Your ability to produce content (and the quality of said content) is what will set […]

How To Build A Coaching Platform On

So you’ve decided to launch a coaching business, but don’t know where to start? Yes? Then this article is perfect for you! “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” —Scott Belsky I’m talking to those of you who are new to the platform and are trying to figure out how to best to start your coaching business. This post will help you learn […]