The All New Sales Bot

Not closing as many sales as you’d like? There are many factors that play a big role when it comes to figuring out why you are not getting as many sales as you’d hoped for. The offer may not be good enough, there might not even really be a need for your product out there, maybe you haven’t found the right leads or maybe your […]

What Are Your Free Webinar Alternatives?

After deciding that you want to utilize webinars for your online business you are then faced with a big question: Where do I host them? There are many platforms out there and many of them have similar features, but they can differ quite a bit in who they are best suited for. The first thing that many of our users ask us is therefore how […]

Our New Coupon System

Coupons are great. In fact, they’re essential. When it comes to making sales online, most people will find that it is when they start using exclusive discounts and coupons that they really can get the volume up. Just think about your own online purchasing habits, I can say with confidence that you’ve likely bought products online purely out of the fact that they were heavily […]

The Importance Of Surveying Your Leads

Who are your community members? When you’re doing marketing for your webinars, you will have varying levels of control over who signs up it. If you’re doing paid ads you will be able to target them towards a specific kind of person, based on demographics, interests and other such qualifiers. If you’re doing organic (free) marketing, you will not have the same control over who […]

4 Easy Tricks To Boost Your Webinar Chatter

Achieving and maintaining audience engagement is a daunting task and webinars bring their own set of unique challenges to the picture. Webinars are live online presentations where the audience is present on a purely voluntary basis. Due to this unique quality, they can easily leave at any given time. The absence of face-to-face presence leaves the attendees more susceptible to other distractions. So what is […]

Three Super Neat Methods To Create Free Webinar Traffic

  1. Publish Your Webinar To Facebook Live Share your LIVE webinars to any Facebook page, group, timeline or event. Your webinar will broadcast live on Facebook. Leave a link to a landing page along with a compelling call-to-action. By clicking on the landing page, they can provide you with their e-mail address and join the webinar room. This method will help you generate dozens […]

Three Exciting Features On That Will Boost Your Coaching Business

Launching your online business just got better! We have packed with exciting new updates to help make your journey to success seamless and efficient. So what’s new?   1. You can add extra communities to your account Just go to Your Communities > Add Community > Add New Community. With this feature you can segregate your paying clients from your leads or even […]