How to deliver an awesome client experience

Solving problems is key to creating an awesome client experience for your audience members. We have several ways you can prove yourself as the knowledgeable coach that you are! So how do you show your clients that you’re able to solve their problems? Head to the Monetize Your Expertise page on the platform – here you have the option to create courses and attach content. You […]

How to engage with a lead to turn them into a potential client

Engaging with your new leads is the only way you’re going to convert them into returning clients. Here are a few steps to transforming your fresh sign-ups into people willing to pay you for your solutions. Nurture at Scale in your dashboard is where you create a drip – this will allow you to stay in the forefront of your audience member’s minds and remind them […]

Nurturing Your Very First Leads

After spending time and/or money on generating leads for your coaching business, you have to make sure that they don’t go to waste. Once a lead is generated to your Expertise community, whether it’s by signing up for your webinar or by downloading a piece of free content that you use as a lead magnet, you need to start nurturing them as soon as possible. […]

Your uninterested webinar audience isn’t buying your solution!

You there! Imagine you’re about to host your next webinar… You’ve been putting in the extra time in to make sure it’s a hit and you have a good number of sign-ups. Then comes the time to host your webinar and finally, you offer your services to your audience. Not one nibble. What you’re forgetting to do is nurture! If you don’t nurture your audience, […]

No Marketing Budget? No Problem – Organic Lead Generation

“Leads, leads, leads and then some more leads” – This is what all online coaches want, people who have expressed interest for their services in one way or another and who can then be converted into paying clients. And who can blame them, it is the successful generation of leads and conversion of them, that makes our coaching business grow and allow us to experiment […]

5-Step Plan To A Profitable Online Coaching Business

    I have had several coaching business failures, but from these experiences I was able to build 3 successful businesses, that coached several thousand clients and offered services ranging from $500 to $2,500 and subscriptions priced between $300 to $500 per month.   The ups and downs of these experiences helped me identify the processes that were common in the coaching businesses that succeeded (and […]

How To Attract An Audience That Craves What You’re Selling

Finding your people is a tricky craft! Even if you’ve got traffic, your leads can get lost in various stages of your pipeline. It’s not easy to find the right people who want and need your products. Once you know how to locate and identify your customer’s pain points, you can reach and attract the core group of people who crave what you’re selling. These are […]