The Importance Of Surveying Your Leads

Who are your community members? When you’re doing marketing for your webinars, you will have varying levels of control over who signs up it. If you’re doing paid ads you will be able to target them towards a specific kind of person, based on demographics, interests and other such qualifiers. If you’re doing organic (free) marketing, you will not have the same control over who […]

August Updates

It’s been a busy month here at We’ve gone through some big changes and releases, particularly with making the webinar set up more seamless and easier for you. Here’s all of the links you’ll need to know with all of the updates that have occurred.

Inviting Panellists To Your Webinar via Email

Inviting panellists to your webinar is easy with Find out how you can do this in the brief video below and read the article after that on who you should consider getting as your panellist.

Invite Webinar Attendees via Email

One of the great features we have at is the ability to share and invite attendees to your webinar via email. It makes it easy for you without the need to download another third party app.

Building Your Own Community

Your community is your own self-dedicated group of followers whom you have invited personally or group of people who have attendeed your webinars. It will help you leverage your online business for future webinars and recently completed ones.

Viewing Your Landing Page

Landing pages are proven to convert webinar attendees by over 30%. Instead of going to another website and third party tool, we’ve integrated personalised landing pages within our webinar tool. No one likes a brag, but they look pretty good!

Creating Your Landing Page

Landing pages are the difference between a few attendees and a lot. That’s why we’ve made it an integral part of our tool and is our latest update.