Jackie Arnold: ICF Executive Coach and Dip CSA Supervisor

Hello! When I first started using Expertise.tv, I obviously was not used to the technology and I thought it would be much better if there were some additional features. I used it for the first webinar I did and that was quite successful although I couldn’t interact with the participants and I thought that was a shame. Also I was on the beginning package so, […]

Steve Sapato: Speaker & Trainer on Life Achievements

I’m Steve Sapato and I don’t usually use too many notes but on this particular occasion I thought notes were really important because I’m talking about this new program that I discovered for webinars called Expertise tv. Now, I tried lots of programs, I’ve looked at dozens and dozens of webinar programs and I must say that most of the time I get bored with […]

Susanna Statton: Leadership & Effectiveness coach

Hello! This is Suzanna Statton, it’s the 29th of August and I am just giving you the my review of the Expertise.tv email automation. To which I just tried for the first time with my Emotional Intelligence webinar. And I think the first thing to say as a caveat of all of this is, with this being the first time I’ve used Expertise.tv and I’ve […]

Richard Griffith: Psychologist and corporate trainer – Director 3Q Institute

Hello! My name is Richie Griffiths. I run a training and consulting business and I’ve been running webinars so for years now and the problem I find with webinars is the issue that many people sign-up and most of them don’t turn up for the webinars and this has always been the case, so I think many of you will be familiar with this problem. […]

Janet Kennedy: Podcast host and social media Coach – Get Social Health Podcast

Hi, my name’s Janet Kennedy and I’m the host of the Get Social Health podcast. I’m also a consultant in social media for healthcare. I design courses, I do webinars, and I do one on one training. Recently, I had an opportunity to host 6 webinars with a co-host on the topic of social media for healthcare. We had 5 different partners plus we hosted […]

Caroline Silk: Mindset Nutritionist.

Hi, my name is Caroline Silk and I am your mindset nutritionist and I was introduced to Expertise TV probably about right 6 weeks ago. To be very honest I am not exactly sure of how I came across this whether it was in my inbox or Facebook or social media but somehow I did and it appealed to me because I have taken my […]