What’s the biggest mistake our coaches are making with webinar marketing?

We’re proud of you for getting started with the daunting task of marketing your coaching business online. It’s tricky knowing where to start sometimes and you’ve got that far. But! You really don’t want to be putting all your efforts into your social media marketing and losing potential sign-ups because they have stumbled across your ad, and it links to an old webinar. So today, […]

No Marketing Budget? No Problem – Organic Lead Generation

“Leads, leads, leads and then some more leads” – This is what all online coaches want, people who have expressed interest for their services in one way or another and who can then be converted into paying clients. And who can blame them, it is the successful generation of leads and conversion of them, that makes our coaching business grow and allow us to experiment […]

Facebook Ad Management: Case Study – Caroline Silk

Basic Details Client: Caroline Silk Expertise: Mindset Nutritionist Goal: Target an international audience interested in weight loss & nutrition to receive webinar sign-ups. Total Spend: $383 Cost Per conversion: $20.16 Result: 19 Sign-Ups Number of Ads: 2 Stage: This was Caroline’s first campaign. We used manual targeting to build the best fitting audience. The ads were directed to a cold audience. Advert 1: We used two images with the same copy. (see below) Image […]