Becoming A Content Machine

“How much good content do you have?”

This somewhat provocative question can almost singlehandedly determine whether or not your online coaching business will succeed.

Sure, there are other factors involved in creating a successful online coaching business – But none of them weigh quite as much as the aforementioned one.

In short. Your ability to produce content (and the quality of said content) is what will set you apart from the hordes of people on the internet who are also fighting for people’s attention.

You need to earn your right to sell to people, and frequently producing valuable content is exactly how we do that.

There are numerous desirable effects of being able to continuously produce new content, here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Sparking interest

You will be able to spark interest for topics that your leads might not have previously even considered. This then leads to them being intrigued and likely to stay tuned for more.

  • Building up your authority 

There’s nothing that works quite as well as content when it comes to building up your authority. Your audience will realize that you have extensive knowledge on the topic and immediately start to warm up towards the idea of working with you in the future.

  • Lead initiated engagement

Do not underestimate this one. When your leads engage with you, whether it be by leaving a comment saying your content was good or by leaving a question, they have taken a big step forward in the funnel and should now be considered (and treated) as your warmer leads.


This is what you want.


We have now established that you need to create good content, so let’s firstly define what that means.

Good content could be defined as anything that your audience will feel is of value to them. It can come in the form of a video, an article, a webinar, an audio file, it could be anything.

Tips for creating good content:

  • Know who it’s for

The only way to make a piece of content truly resonate with its consumer is by making sure you really know who they are. This ultimately comes down to doing proper research beforehand, finding out what your audience is searching for. You will then, as time progresses, get to know them a lot better as you engage with them more and more.

  • Great titles/subject lines

You need to drag them in with a great subject line/title and then make them stay by making the content awesome. There’s a lot of ways to make a title intriguing, a few of the most commonly used techniques are: To use numbers “3 ways to….”, to keep them short “The Shortest Title”, to make the recipient feel special “My bonus/gift/reward to you” or to use urgency “Last Chance…”. But you should always avoid making false promises and not making the title related to the actual content.

  • Encourage spreading

“If you enjoyed this video, share it to your social media channels by clicking the buttons below.”, encouraging sharing will give you free extra marketing. This is especially good since the odds are that people with whom your content resonates, are likely to know more such people as well.

  • Encourage engagement 

As mentioned earlier in this article, you really want your leads to interact with you after taking part of your content. You can do this by for example including questions in your content. “Let me know what you thought of the post in the comment section below” or “Have you ever experienced XYZ?”

  • Do your homework

When creating your content you need to make sure that you’ve got your facts straight. It’s better to double check than to gamble and then have someone react negatively on your post.


You should, right from the get-go, decide on a frequency with which you will be releasing new content to your leads. It could be daily, every other day or at the very least, twice a week. This will ensure that your leads stay engaged and keep warming up towards the conversion moment.

I would recommend setting aside a day of the week on which you create, and make ready, the content for the coming 1 or 2 weeks.

For example, “Every Sunday I’m going to make sure that I have the content for the next 2 weeks ready and scheduled to be emailed out.”

Consistency is key.


We know what we have to do, so what now? How do we get this up and running?

Well, luckily the platform makes it very easy to create AND automatically send out your content.

Use your public community page on the platform to post any form of content you want. With attachments such as videos, webinars, packages, or any kind of downloadable files from your computer.

Our easy-to-use content creation tool in action

Once posted in your community, you can now conveniently use our feature Nurture At Scale (shown below) to set up a drip email campaign, to automatically send out your posts with your desired delay.


And that is how you become a content-creating-machine.

Need any help getting started? Book in for a 1on1 session with one of our business strategists here.

Author: Oscar Norin

I help online coaching businesses grow by implementing proven strategies – Focusing in on content creation and cheap lead generation.

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