4 Easy Tricks To Boost Your Webinar Chatter

Achieving and maintaining audience engagement is a daunting task and webinars bring their own set of unique challenges to the picture.

Webinars are live online presentations where the audience is present on a purely voluntary basis. Due to this unique quality, they can easily leave at any given time.

The absence of face-to-face presence leaves the attendees more susceptible to other distractions.

So what is our goal?

Our goal is to create a webinar that is as engaging as a face-to-face presentation, while still possesses the flexibility that makes webinars so appealing.

We have 4 easy tricks you can use to create a compelling webinar!

Let’s get started!

1. Share To Facebook Live

To create as much engagement as possible, we need as many attendees as possible.

However, we understand that when coaches are first starting out, they don’t have huge budgets to work with. This is why we built an integration with Facebook LIVE.

This feature allows you to share your live webinar to any group, page or event that you’re admin of, as well as, any timeline on Facebook. Anyone part of these Facebook pages/groups will get a notification that you are “LIVE” and will be invited to attend.

In the post, you can include a caption to join your live webinar room on Expertise.tv with the added link, which is where you’ll store their contact details.

2. Pre-Webinar Downloads

With this technique, you can motivate your audience before the webinar has even begun. This will not only bring up your attendance rate but it will additionally allow your audience to collect question they’d like you to answer in advance.

3. Polls, polls, polls!

Set-up pre-webinar polls and send out extra polls during your webinar.

Not everyone in your audience will make use of the chat & question tools. This means that you lose information on a large chunk of your audience. By using polls you allow the silent portion of your audience to be heard and to engage with you.

This information allows you to better cater your material and efforts during your webinars.

4. Talk to your peeps!

Make use of the “Invite On Air” feature and actually chat with your audience members! This technique essentially mimics the face-to-face quality of offline seminars while still preserving the scalability of webinars!

Alright, folks, that’s all I have for you today. I hope these tips help with planning your next webinar. If you’re still left with any questions, you can always book a 1-on-1 session with us here! 🙂

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